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Renting on Airbnb is possible, profitable and above all legal, so why not try it via BnbLord? Learn more about our Airbnb rental management offer! In Strasbourg, a condominium permit is required for the legal rental of your second home to tourists. After the third residential property made available for tourist rentals, the principle of compensation applies. We invite you to consult the very complete and easy-to-understand guide developed by the City of Strasbourg on this subject. A commercial premises transformed into an apartment and managed by BnbLord. Renting office or commercial space converted into vacation rental housing is increasingly being used as an investment tool. This is completely legal and simply requires a change of purpose. This strategy can be a smart decision, especially if you have investments in mind. We see that more and more players in the real estate sector in Paris are buying commercial spaces, open spaces, hotels or office buildings in order to convert them into apartments. These operations are more profitable than investments aimed at creating standard leases and mean avoiding the payment of compensation or the purchase of a transaction.

We recommend that you do your own research as this article is not complete and does not constitute legal or tax advice. As we do not update this article in real time, please check each source and make sure that the information provided has not changed recently. Renting on Airbnb has its own exceptions, which mainly concern the occupancy times of the premises. This is possible beyond 120 days if you justify your absence for a period of more than 4 months per year. Valid reasons only concern cases of health problems, professional reasons or cases of force majeure. Renting on Airbnb is also legal if you rent a private room in your primary residence. If necessary, rooms can be rented beyond the regulated 120 days. Relatively speaking, it`s important to learn about the Airbnb investment process, legal considerations, and key indicators for successful Airbnb hosting. With the help of the Airbnb Investment Guide, you can get started and have professional knowledge about starting an Airbnb business in France! A second home in the Latin Quarter, Paris, leaves you through our service. Renting a second home on Airbnb all year round, whether it is a pied-à-terre or a rental investment, is completely legal in the vast majority of French cities.

In fact, there are only two real exceptions, namely Paris and Strasbourg. Municipalities can send their request for information to Airbnb Ireland UC at the address “The total victory of the city of Paris against Airbnb and the scammers who illegally rent their properties,” Deputy Mayor Ian Brossat, in charge of housing, wrote on Twitter, saying it had ended five years of legal battles. If you prefer to rent a property rather than own one, then you can certainly do it through rental arbitration in France! You can expect to spend around €2,900 to €4,700. These costs include everything including filing, installation, amenities, legal documentation, and LLC training. Learn everything you need to know with the Ultimate Rental Arbitration Guide and start making profits anywhere in France! In Paris, the legal rental of a second home during the holiday season implies, at least theoretically, a change in the use of your property, so that from an administrative point of view it becomes a commercial space. The process for a change of use is to buy a so-called “commerciality” for your home. Marketing is about compensating for the loss of available space in the housing rental market – since you make your property available for vacation rental – by buying space from those who do the opposite and turn the commercial space into apartments.

We explain on our blog what marketing is and why it is strategic to acquire it. In practice, few homeowners undertake this process because the costs seem too high at first glance. This may be true depending on the arrondissement, but it does not take into account the fact that holiday rentals also earn more rental income, which on average more than doubles in Paris, and that the cost of marketing is relative. It`s all a matter of circumstances If your profitability is higher during the holiday season, it`s more likely that if you decide to put your property up for sale, you can do so at a premium, as this is much more attractive to potential investors in the real estate market. Our latest legal Airbnb that has commercial use sold in less than 2 weeks! We recommend that you comply with municipal regulations and invest in the change of use if your property has good potential for vacation rentals. BnbLord can help you complete the process, so feel free to contact us! When it comes to apartment rentals, there are new community rental solutions like Airbnb. Although this type of service has been very popular in the world for several years, the legislation that regulates the division of rental property is not the same in all countries. So, if you are planning to rent your apartment in France, it may be helpful to know the conditions and restrictions to avoid legal problems. Don`t worry because Airbnb is legal in Paris! This French city is known for its beautiful and imposing monuments. These iconic structures, often an example of a particular era of architecture, are one of the instantly recognizable elements of the city. The exceptional landmark of Paris is the Eiffel Tower.

All of these elements, including the compensation mechanism, were declared legal on Thursday. The decision means the city can resume legal action against 420 tenants who have been fined an average of €50,000 each for violating the rules. To request an exemption, go to your procurement page in Act and Regulations, then Regulations. You must confirm that you are legally entitled to an exemption. The exemption takes 24 hours to process. Note that the exception is permanent. If and if the exception no longer applies to your listing, please contact to remove the exception. Therefore, it is up to you to determine whether your activities on Airbnb are professional in nature or not. If you are not sure, you should seek independent advice. Hospitality professionals may also have different tax and public obligations than individual hosts. Specifically, a furnished tourist apartment is a residential apartment equipped and equipped with all amenities and whose purpose is to accommodate travelers for short stays.

The law stipulates that furnished tourist accommodation must be reserved for the exclusive use of tenants. In this category of legal Airbnb villas, it is possible to classify furnished houses, holiday homes, villas, apartments or studios. To help EU businesses comply with their legal obligations, we`ve added the ability to add and edit your company`s information in the Contact Information section of your account settings. Once you`ve provided your business contact information, it will automatically appear in all your existing and future listings. The French Ministry of Housing has followed suit and lobbied for these websites to work more closely with local authorities to prevent legal proceedings from happening again, including the exchange of data and information. Last February, Paris sued the platform for publishing 1,000 illegal rental ads in its city, which would have cost the company more than 12.5 million euros and triggered Hidalgo`s anger. A principal residence or principal residence is defined as a dwelling that is occupied for at least 8 months per year, with the exception of professional obligations, force majeure or health problems. In this case, it is not necessary to make a declaration to the council, and it is perfectly legal to rent your property via Airbnb, in Paris and elsewhere. If you plan to legally rent on Airbnb, it`s important to comply with the regulations applicable to furnished vacation rentals. Otherwise, you could face lawsuits and fines. Before you plan to rent on Airbnb, you should also check if the condominium regulations allow you to rent on the Internet. Written permission from the owner is also important to avoid conflicts.

However, the southern city of Nice announced this week that it would impose a ban on vacation rentals in the area during the February holidays, until February 20 at the earliest. Its mayor, Christian Estrosi, said the decision was taken to prevent a “significant influx of vulnerable people” who could carry the Covid-19 virus and transmit it to its citizens, adding that he wanted to enforce the ban throughout the department in the coming weeks. Some guests travel with young family members and need to understand if your home is right for them. You can use the “Additional Reviews” section under “Listing Details” in your Airbnb account to report potential hazards or to indicate that your home isn`t suitable for children and toddlers. DAC7 refers to EU Council Directive 2021/514, which requires online businesses such as Airbnb to collect and report tax information about certain users of the platform who earn income on the Airbnb platform. If you have an ad for a property in one of the 27 EU Member States or if you reside in an EU Member State, DAC7 will affect you. You can click on the city link to go directly to its specific website and register your listing to get a registration number.