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Phone: 866-606-4026 Online: clients want a lawyer who makes their lives easier, not more complicated. The Office of the Advocate General offers a wide range of legal services ranging from risk management to litigation in various areas related to higher education, including student and faculty issues, labour and employment, and corporate governance, among others. If you are being sued in your official capacity as an employee of the University, the Office of the Advocate General may represent you directly or through a lawyer appointed by the University. The Office of the Advocate General cannot provide legal advice or representation in personal matters. Founded in 1997, David M. Lederman`s law firm is dedicated to meeting all your family law needs. We have two offices ideally located in Moraga and Antioch to serve you better. Our experienced lawyers offer a wide range of effective legal solutions. We have proven ourselves in simple and extremely difficult cases.

Mary Granger is a University Counsellor at the University of Antioch. In this role, she oversees the Office of the Attorney General, manages the legal affairs of the university, and provides legal advice for the governance of Antioch, its university schools, and campuses. The goal of the Office of the Advocate General is to foster a culture of respect, diversity, inclusion and regulatory compliance throughout the university to promote antioch`s mission and values. As the legal department of the University of Antioch, we help fulfill our mission by navigating properly in the legal, ethical and regulatory environment in which we operate. Our work broadly includes corporate risk governance and management, ethical and regulatory compliance, a wide range of transactional work, and traditional legal issues such as claims and lawsuits. All our work is carried out in the best interest of the University of Antioch and we act in accordance with the ethical and professional standards of the legal profession The Office of the Advocate General provides legal advice and representation to the University of Antioch, including all its campuses and programs. This includes the Board of Trustees, administrators, faculty and staff working in their official roles on a variety of matters affecting the University. The Office of the Advocate General does not represent professors, staff or administrators in personal legal matters outside of academic affairs. At the Office of the General Counsel, we look forward to working with you to identify, prevent and mitigate legal risks to the university. We are located on the AUNE campus in Keene, NH.

Whether private or commercial, we can help you effectively plan and resolve unforeseen legal issues. Lawyer David M. Lederman has been working in family law since 1995. For more than 20 years, he has been involved in everything from simple planning and comparison discussions to complex litigation. He is a Family Law Specialist, certified by the Legal Specialization Council of the California State Bar, and is the 2016 Vice President and Past President of Legislation of the Family Law Section of the California State Bar. Our detail-oriented paralegals support you in all aspects of creating financial statements, completing required documents and responding to discoveries. We have convenient offices in Antioch and Moraga, and we provide legal services ranging from limited scope to full representation depending on your needs. We can be reached by phone or e-mail and answer questions quickly. If you are contacted by a lawyer by mail, electronically or by telephone about any aspect of the work of the University of Antioch, inform the Office of the Advocate General immediately. The Office of the Advocate General will work with you to determine the necessary steps.

Please do not communicate in any way with a lawyer representing anyone who is considering, threatening or participating in a lawsuit against the University of Antioch. Your communication with the lawyers of the Attorney General`s Office is privileged and confidential for third parties, but not for other officials of the University of Antioch. However, we will make every effort to keep your communications as confidential as possible. If you have a question about the confidentiality of a particular conversation with counsel in the Office of the Attorney General, please ask it before that conversation begins. Welcome to the Office of the Advocate General website. We hope you`ll benefit from the resources we`ve gathered here, from the University of Antioch policies to our many compliance resources. Our services cover all aspects of commercial and residential real estate law, but are not limited to: The main objective of the Office of the Advocate General is to ensure that the University of Antioch operates in compliance with the law at all times. To this end, the Office of the Advocate General should be informed of all transactions and activities of the University, including those in the preliminary stages. Early participation will ensure a limited risk to the university`s finances, staff and public image. However, the Office of the Advocate General not only promotes communication, but must also effectively manage communication, prioritize needs and optimize the use of limited resources. The policy of the Office of the Advocate General provides that the Chancellor, the Board of Governors, vice-chancellors and provosts have direct access to the lawyers of the Office of the Advocate General.

Faculty and staff should usually express concerns about the Dean or Vice-Chancellor. Trust our knowledgeable team led by a california-certified family law specialist. The telephone line is staffed by registration specialists trained by an independent third party based in the United States. Your report – whether by phone or online – triggers an independent investigation and you will be informed of the results of the investigation if you provide your identity. Please note that the University of Antioch does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who has reported a concern. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]. The Attorney General`s Office is located at 40 Avon Street in Keene New Hampshire 03431. You can reach us by phone at 603-283-2436. The University of Antioch develops and implements policies to advance its mission of managing institutional risks, improving operational efficiency and complying with all legal and regulatory requirements. Links on the University Policies page provide convenient access to University-wide policies and rules. It is the responsibility of all employees of the University of Antioch to review and become familiar with the University`s policies. The law firm of David M.

Lederman ensures the safety of its employees and clients. We offer our full service while our employees work 100% remotely. Appointments are possible by Zoom video conference or by phone. Compliance Schedule Compliance Schedule: We have developed a University of Antioch Compliance Schedule that indicates the deadlines for certain compliance documents from each campus or program to be submitted. If you are responsible for sending one of the reports to the compliance calendar, you can click on the due date of that report and copy that calendar event into your personal Gmail calendar on your computer and paste a reminder to notify you one month, six weeks, etc. before the report is due. Our office is pleased to offer these real estate services and more. If you are an individual or company that needs to be represented by qualified real estate lawyers and real estate lawyers, please call our offices to discuss your situation and arrange a personal consultation with a Hobin & Hobin real estate lawyer. We can reach (925) 757-7585 or you can email our lawyers using the addresses in the Contact Us tab on this page. The law firm of David M. Lederman is dedicated to family law. We are highly motivated, efficient and committed to providing excellent customer service and effective results.

The Office of the Advocate General is required to review all contracts prior to their execution in accordance with AU Guidelines 3,425 on Contract Review and 2,403 on Expenditures, Contracts and Signing. To facilitate the contracting process, the Office of the Advocate General is available to advise you on contracts during the drafting and negotiation phase. The Office of the Advocate General is also available for consultation at any time during the negotiation, drafting, administration and/or termination of contracts. Higher Education Compliance Alliance Higher Education Compliance Alliance: The Compliance Alliance consists of 27 participating associations and was created to provide the higher education community with a central repository of information and resources for compliance with federal laws and regulations. There are resources for everything from accounting to telecommunications. Mary began her career in 2015 at the Office of the Advocate General of Antioch and previously served as a lawyer, assistant university councillor and associate university councillor. Mary is a graduate of the University of Maine School of Law. We offer realistic options for the challenges you face on a daily basis. Documents are organized, mapped and available via the Internet. We have multiple file and system backups to ensure that your case is never the victim of a technological failure, natural or man-made disasters.