Are Pranks Legal in India

“Not all calls for strikes can be considered legally offensive; it depends on the scale of the crime. The more serious the crime, the more serious its consequences,” said Alok Kumar, Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime). Praveen Goud, a Hyderabad-based lawyer, says people have every right to complain if they feel harassed or defamed by a video prank. “When prank videos endanger people`s lives, it may be for legal reasons, but the public`s reaction must also be monitored. Many videos are fun and harmless and make fun of people. Prank videos have warnings when posted on TV or social media. The warnings will indicate that no one was injured and no evil intent was committed. Nevertheless, it depends on the people in the video if they choose to file complaints, regardless of the intention of the creator of the video. In such cases, if the person files a complaint on the basis of life-threatening, humiliation or insult, the court will not ask for much evidence, because the video itself is evidence. “Dare-series,” a popular Show on YouTube by Hyderabad-based creators, has had big problems.

Police have warned against any action against them during dangerous stunts such as dips in traffic, lying on the street at rush hour, climbing on moving four-wheeled vehicles or squatting in the middle of the street to eat. These creators have repeatedly struggled for offensive depictions of the LGBTQ community, outrageous modesty, etc. But thanks to YouTube`s flaws, they`re able to create more content. One of the videographers said: “My videos are different from other swipes on YouTube. DAYS AFTER a “prank” YouTube video of a teenager kissing and fleeing unknown women at Connaught Place went viral on social media, Delhi police recorded an FIR against the “joker” on Monday. The Economic Crimes Wing CyberCell also wrote to Facebook and YouTube asking them to provide details about the person who uploaded the video. “If the call harms a person or results in some type of loss, it is considered a crime and legal action is taken,” says Seemanth Kumar Singh, Additional Commissioner of Police (Law and Order). The success of this format prompted Indian YouTube channels to create local versions of the pranks, which fell into rather absurd areas. Although YouTube has a policy that does not allow users to post prank videos that could cause serious harm, it uploads many videos every day that most people find outrageous, dangerous, or unethical. Exposing foreigners to complete deletions can also result in civil lawsuits for damages. “If a person feels humiliated in front of the public, they can bring a defamation action, and if it is a woman who feels uncomfortable, they can file a complaint under the provision that offends a woman`s modesty.

In one case in February, for example, the Mumbai Cyber Police arrested three YouTubers for allegedly creating obscene and vulgar videos of pranks in public places. They allegedly hired young girls, including minors, under the pretext of making videos and offering them money. A defamatory remark under the guise of comedy or farce may also be punishable. Some popular pranks on the Internet, such as dressing up as ghosts or asking for women`s phone numbers, can be punishable. A woman who has been approached on the street and has been part of a video without her consent can bring a defamation action if she feels insulted or harassed. People on the street can file complaints of bodily harm when they are exposed to emotional or psychological stress, when they see scary things or are shocked by fake pranks and the like. Pranks like strange behavior on the street or pretending to be on a funny phone call are fine – they are normal, non-lethal and non-defamatory jokes. No one is hurt or approaches the pain. None of the subjects are at risk of having a heart attack in the middle of a prank. None of these problems are ever defamed. So if this is a normal, light joke, you can`t hold videographers liable for any compensation.

Prank videos have been one of the most popular forms of entertainment for decades! We may remember prank calls that eventually turned into physical pranks on colleagues for finally – even strangers! Pranks can sometimes be insensitive to the victim of the prank. Many cases of pranks that have gone too far have led Internet users to consider gender as a nuisance. The Pioneer investigates the consequences of a practical joke that goes too far. Pranks can also be crimes. Bodily harm, reckless endangerment and so on, depending on what the pranksters were doing. This would be the case even without hurting anyone. The Delhi police did not prosecute the judicial officer because no identifiable crime was established. However, this does not mean that there is no appropriate criminal and civil remedy against a prankster. The penalty for which one prankster is responsible depends entirely on the type of injury, loss or damage inflicted on another as a result of the prank. For example, if a prank results in the death or serious injury of another person; it will be punishable under the Indian Penal Code.

But during filming, they inappropriately touched the girls in public and harassed them. “The defendants knew very well that obscenity and vulgarity attract a large number of viewers on social media platforms; Therefore, they made obscene videos under the pretext of pranks. And for that, they exploited girls and made money,” one newspaper reported, citing a police officer. The police registered a complaint against the defendants under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, the Child Protection from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO), the Information Technology Act and the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act. The secrets of the murder continue as other bodies emerge in Mumbai “You can either visit the nearby police station or call 100 to do so,” he says. In their view, these appellants do not provide an explanation for their actions or even express remorse when confronted with them. We also accept permission from each person featured in our videos.