Pinal County Superior Court Address

Electronic filing of subsequent family law, estate and guardianship/conservatory documents is now available. For more information, see The Registry of the Supreme Court offers “drop box” services for filing court documents. Please visit this link for more information. •IMPORTANT: Please contact the court to find out what procedures have been implemented for telephone or video hearings in response to COVID-19. o Electronic file: For more information, see Insert original documents marked “Documents” in the opening (all copies submitted with the original must be accompanied by an appropriate waybill and addressed envelopes). NOTE: Pay your court penalties Click on this link to pay your court-imposed fines. NOTE: Dress code PLEASE READ! Important information about clothing in the courtroom. Time stamp the original document and all copies via the clock on the packaging. Documents are inserted with the front facing up and the timestamp clock in the right corner. NO PHOTOGRAPH NO VIDEO RECORDING (In accordance with Rule 122.1 of the Supreme Court of Arizona) NOTE: Proposed Class Action Settlement B.K.

ex rel Tinsley et al v. Faust et al NOTE: Information on involuntary mental health treatment The Arizona Supreme Court Committee on Mental Health and the Justice System, in partnership with the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services, has launched a new website, AZCourtCare. Please visit the website for more information about the involuntary treatment process in Arizona. CAUTION – If you have a hearing scheduled during COVID-19: At that time, judges will approve telephone and/or video appearances if possible. Lawyers and self-represented litigants should contact the appropriate department for approval or approval. Please call 520-866-5400 for more information. For updates from the Pinal County Health Department, click here Download our coloring and activity book for children o By mail: Pinal County Clerk`s Office PO Box 2730, Florence, AZ 85132 NOTE: Candidates sought for the Judicial Performance Review Board Please read the new version for more details. o Mailbox: Located outside the Florence Courthouse and AJ satellite office. Marriage licenses and new cases will not be accepted for submission after 11:30 (lunch break) or 15:00. NOTE: NO photograph NO video recording (according to Arizona Supreme Court Rule 122.1) Regulate the use of photo and video recording devices in the courthouse and other court facilities, but not in a court proceeding Do not timestamp proposed orders/judgments.

Proposed decisions or judgments should only be filed in the document compartment. The After Hours Box is currently only available at our Florence and Apache Junction locations. If you would like us to offer this service to our other satellite sites, please contact us at 520.509.3555. Procedure for filing documents outside opening hours:. If necessary, attach the application fee to the original document. DO NOT PAY IN CASH Check, money order or cashier`s check to: Registrar of the Supreme Court AVISO IMPORTANT: Comuníquese con el tribunal para averiguar qué procedimientos se han establecido para celebrar audiencias por teléfono o videoconferencia debido al COVID-19. Please note: This slot opening is one inch thick. Documents larger than one inch should be grouped into sections such as “1 of 3”, “2 of 3”, “3 of 3”, etc.

• The debtor pays a monthly processing fee by income deduction order, which is determined by the rule according to A.R.S. § 25-510 (D), which increases to $8.00 per month on April 1, 2020 Please note that documents that do not comply with the Arizona Rules of Procedure, Arizona`s revised regulations and current court procedures and practices will not be addressed. The Casa Grande and Apache Junction branches are closed on: The court broadcasts live audio of civil and criminal hearings • Electronic filing of subsequent documents in juvenile criminal and criminal cases is now available in eFILEAZ. In accordance with the requirements of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”), Pinal County does not discriminate against persons with disabilities who are qualified on the basis of their disability in its services, programs or activities. Click here for more ADA information. For all questions related to Title I of the ADA, you can contact the Human Resources Department of the Pinal County Court or view their information here. Public terminals are available at our Florence and Apache Junction sites. The only payment methods accepted at this location are MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Cash, cheques or money orders are not accepted at this time. *CAREFUL! Other options are available for submission. Click here for options.

NOTE: Responding to the jury service Call to Jury is a unique privilege to be a U.S. citizen. In the latest training video from the National Center of State Court, you`ll learn who is eligible, what to do if you are subpoenaed, and what happens if you are selected. Find out how you can do your part. And remember, a fair trial starts with you! NOTE: If the documents can be processed, this stamp received will be used as the filing label. Documents that do not reflect a stamp received will be submitted with the date they were processed. *Please note that all urgent applications must be filed with the Supreme Court at our main office in Florence. • Valid from 1. June 2018 • MANDATORY FILING FOR LAWYERS – Lawyers are required to file documents electronically for the initiation and post-opening of civil cases when filing an application with the Pinal Superior Court. Read more NOTE: WebEx Video Conferencing Guide If you wish to attend a hearing via WebEx, please refer to this guide for detailed instructions.