Bt Requirements for Cop

After clicking Continue, you will be redirected to the app page. Your application will be saved as a draft until you click on the “Submit” button. But before you click on it, download the requirements first. To obtain the certificate and the COP, seafarers must acquire the skills set out in section A-VI/1 of the STCW Code. These are the mandatory minimum training requirements and basic safety instructions for all seafarers. These are the requirements required when applying for a Certificate of Proficiency (COP) in the following areas: A Certificate of Proficiency or COP refers to a certificate that is not a Certificate of Proficiency and that is issued to a seafarer under the supervision of the administration. This certificate indicates that the relevant requirements for skills training or maritime services under the STCW Convention are met. Not just for compliance, it`s important that you know why you`re taking a basic training course. You will need basic safety training in order to meet the requirements of STCW Regulation VI/1. Remember that only 1 MB is the file size.

After uploading all the required requests, you can scroll up and click the Submit button. The Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) has issued a new guideline for requirements in the application for revalidation of the Certificate of Fitness (CoP) of Filipino seafarers. With regard to this implementation, the following requirements are listed in the COP revalidation request for basic training (BT), lifeboats and rescue boats (SCRB), rapid rescue boats (FRBs) and advanced firefighting vehicles (AFF): Walk-in applicants are still allowed, but MARINA encourages all seafarers to get an appointment online via MISMO. However, this applies only to seafarers qualified under sections A-VI/1, A-VI/2 and A-VI/3 of the Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW). Basic training (BT) is one of the basic certificates needed for anyone who wants to work on ships. It is formerly known as SOLAS or Basic Safety Training and Instruction (BSTI). If you want to work in oil tankers, cruise ships, cargo ships or any type of ship, BT with COP is one of your tickets. Such qualified seafarers are required to submit such documents to Marina every five years to demonstrate that they have met the required standard of competence based on the Manila amendments to the 2010 STCW Convention. Second, is your profile up to date? Do you have a profile picture? If so, click the Select Transaction button. Much has changed since the Manila amendments of 2010.

2013 was a chaotic year. As we well remembered, almost all of our STCW certificates have been fundamentally revised. Rallies broke out in front of the MARINA office. The introduction of the Certificate of Proficiency (COP) has also caused confusion. This left many sailors frustrated and confused. What to take? If you have not completed the basic training in the past, you must take the full basic training course. Only participate in basic training if you wish to revalidate or renew your COP in basic training. This event occurs every 5 years.

Our administration, in this case MARINA, assures each inspection authority that the carrier is competently and competently trained. As you have noticed, all our COPs do not refer to the training centres, but to MARINA itself. For a complete list of other training courses that require a COP application to MARINA, see this post “Cop Requirements Issued by MARINA”. So, are we clear now? Then let`s move on to the next step. Recently, there has been a lot of confusion about what kind of basic training to enroll. Choosing between BT-U, BT-R and Full Course can bring us money and time. Instead of refresher training to maintain a standard level of competence, seafarers may submit their training and experience on board in accordance with tables A-VI/1-1, A-VI/1-2, A-VI/2-1, A-VI/2-2 and A-VI/3. Simply put, a COP is a document that serves as proof of your competence. MARINA issues this certificate and assures the supervisory authority that the holder is competent. The STCW Convention instructs the administration, in our case MARINA, to issue this certificate. After payment, you will receive a confirmation by SMS with instructions for the final evaluation.

You may notice that there is a drop-down button called Certification 1. This means that this is the first certification that the system receives with your application. If you want to add another certification, such as another COP, simply click Add Certification. MARINA has embraced the digital age and, as a result, all office transactions are now online. MISMO or MARINA Integrated Seafarers Management Online is the main tool for transactions with this agency. In fact, the end user must have a MISMO account in order to proceed to the next step. 2. Seafarers with training and experience on board the vehicles, of 12 months for five (5) years each, to maintain the required level of competence as set out in Tables A-VI/1-1, A-VI/1-2, A-VI/2-2, A-VI/3 shall be accepted as evidence instead of the corresponding refresher training. Did you find this article useful? If you have any questions, please click on the comment below. Pay the appropriate fees to an authorized payment partner.

It aims to promote the skills of the country`s maritime professionals, as the global shortage of officers was estimated at 92,000 in 2020 and 147,500 five years later. This is a question I have also asked the trainers and other seafarers. When MARINA first introduced the COP, confusion reigned everywhere. Even on board and in VHF. We can`t help but stick to it (and pay for another workout). Again, we felt like the training centers were processing our bags. Here I will explain why the certificate of competency is mandatory. Marina`s policies focused on stcw membership, improving marine education, and improving the well-being of the maritime workforce. In addition to standardizing the format of all COPs to avoid confusion, this is also a REQUIREMENT of the STCW`s MANILA 2010 amendments. In one in 26. Marina issued a recommendation in August, stipulating that Filipino seafarers must provide proof of their sea service, which should not be less than 12 months, and a certificate from their ship master/shipowner/personnel agent attesting that they have undergone training and other practical training on board.

Navigate to the appointment date and time you set in MISMO. Bring all original documents for review. Your BT COP will be issued after everything has been verified and verified. Then select a machining center, the date and time of the appointment. Then click Continue. “We are focused on accelerating the development of a nationally integrated and globally competitive maritime industry through education, innovation, technology and sustainability,” marina said. The basic training has been divided into three separate but identical courses, namely the refresher course, the refresher course and the full course. The introduction of BT-R, BT-you and BT Full Course is aimed at different seafarers who have seafarers.

You might be confused about what training to take, but I`ll explain it below. Then click Certification, and then select Exposure. Select Class. Once you select Class, the selection function is available. Select BASIC TRAINING (BT). The above information comes from their respective sources. I don`t own it in any way, I just share it with people who might need it.