California Street Legal Enduro

Most of these parts are standard on today`s most popular models. Especially if you have a factory-built legal earth bike, you probably already have most of them, but if not, you can probably install them on a weekend. With that in mind, a lot of people still love the thrill of trying it out for themselves, so we`ve come up with this guide on how to make a dirt motorcycle road legal in California. We`ll also share why it`s difficult, what parts you need, and how to get a license plate for your off-road motorcycle in California. Have you successfully registered an all-terrain bike for road use in California? If that is the case, I would like to hear about it. Write to me at or leave a comment below Whenever you ride your off-road motorcycle on the road, you must follow the same laws on the driver`s license as if you had a car. To ride a mountain bike on a trail, no legal age limit is required. Children from the age of three have no problem riding on their off-road motorcycles with training wheels. But get going and the law comes into play.

In September 2006, CARB learned that many motorcycles were still plated after February 1, 2004. Instead of just closing the hole, they actually went through the DMV recordings to find motorcycles that were accidentally marked. The DMV then sent letters to these owners in the mail stating that they were mislabeled and that their current street registration is now void. Owners were ordered to send their license plates and were given the opportunity to sign up for a green sticker. Beware of companies that sell mirrors with a diameter of 3 inches, as these are not legal in California. There seem to be services for the coating of off-road motorcycles in California, but I cannot comment on their reliability and legality. It may very well be that they label them in other states or remove the documents from another recovered bike. The former would be legal, the latter not in the slightest (unless they also change the frame and update the engine identification number on the title). No tires and no hidden clauses – just you, your legal off-road motorcycle and the road open.

CarB was therefore the agency that advocated low- and zero-emission vehicles and defined the legality of what is allowed and when. That`s where Dirt Legal comes in. Making things legal on the street is what we do. All you have to do is call us at 800-994-7513 or visit our Dirt Bike Conversions page by clicking on the link. Fortunately, due to the cooperation between the DMV, CARB and the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association), the closing date for this oversight was postponed to 2004. If you bought a motorcycle before January 1, 2004, you had until January 31, 2004 to register it on the road. Bikes purchased after January 1 were not eligible For short, a greenback is your ticket to ride smoothly, as well as a dirt bike authorized and marked and homologated for the road. So, if you keep one of these two elements, you will not be affected by the upcoming changes. Less obvious is to buy a motorcycle from another state and use it here. For example, a motorcycle with an Arizona license plate may be registered at a California address. You`ll still want to convert it for use on the California street by adding turn signals, headlights/taillights, license plate lights, horn, and mirrors if they haven`t already. I`ve read that the police are stricter on out-of-state vehicles that they suspect are being used all the time in California.

You take your own chances. It may also be an option to purchase an all-terrain bike and have the license plate issued in another state. In 2004, lawmakers cracked down on off-road motorcycles that had received license plates, making it nearly impossible for anyone to be allowed to drive. You can see evidence of this in old forum posts where people complain about how difficult it was overnight. From there, we will send you some paperwork to fill out. Then we work with the DMV to ensure that all laws are followed to allow your dirt bike to ride on public roads. You will receive a license plate, a title and a license! After turning your off-road motorcycle into a legal beast for the road, you`ll need the help of a title services company like Dirt Legal to get a title, label, and registration.